Probably the best way to do that is to tell you what New Beginnings is, is to tell you what it is not. We are not a congregation that focuses on religion. We believe religion leaves us cold and empty. Religion focuses on doing certain things and acting a certain way. We believe religion is not what God wants from us either. We believe He desires a relationship with us. So that’s where we place our focus. We say “Discover a relationship with God not religion.”

Our intention is to help people discover and grow in that relationship with God. That means we can have a personal, living, vital relationship with the God of grace and mercy who revealed Himself in creation, in the Bible and in the Flesh in Jesus Christ. That kind of relationship leads to happiness, fulfillment and purpose in life.

A “relationship not religion” means we don’t use a lot of “spiritual” sounding words in our worship and ministries. We try to explain the Bible in everyday common terms that everyone can understand. That “relationship” also means we don’t have to be perfect. None of us at New Beginnings are perfect; we are just forgiven, living in a day to day relationship with the Creator of heaven and earth. We’ve discovered that relationship over religion frees us to be ourselves since we’ve discovered that God loved us while we were still His enemies. Now that we are His children, things just get better and better.

We don’t concern ourselves with trying to change people’s membership from an existing church to New Beginnings. We are not interested in labeling you a Baptist or Catholic or Presbyterian or anything else. All we want to do is help people become a part of God’s family and then grow in that family. Why is that a big deal? Well, for us it’s a big deal because we never ask anyone to financially support our ministry unless they call New Beginnings their church home. So, none of our guests are ever asked to give money. In fact, we specifically ask our guests not to give any money. We’re not about the money.

Finally, at New Beginnings, we try really hard to make everything we do practical. The message is practical, always trying to take what the Bible says and applying it to our daily life. That approach makes the Bible come alive as it serves as God’s instruction manual for our lives. That’s one of the reasons we use easy to understand versions of the Bible. Our concern is that we discover exactly what God has for us instead of being stuck in tradition. That’s one of the reasons we sing contemporary upbeat worship choruses. We just want to praise God with our singing and we do that best when we actually understand the phrases and words we are singing. Our worship is always upbeat. People will leave New Beginnings every Sunday feeling uplifted and energized for the coming week. No beat downs here. We figure God loves us enough to go to the trouble of leaving heaven to live in the worst time and the worst possible place on earth just to die so we could have a relationship with Him. If that is the case, He must feel good about us and we must be pretty valuable to Him. So that’s the way you will be treated here. We invite you to worship with us this and every Sunday morning at 10:30 AM and discover for yourself the difference between religion and a relationship with the God who created you.

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